Key Items

The Budget

I will seek to find ways to close budgetary gaps and implement best practices. This means adopting common sense spending as well as looking for new outlets for revenue for the city. 

This will all be an effort to avoid cuts to our services like Parks & Recreation, Volunteer Fire Departments, etc. It is my stance that tax levy increases are not the only solution to a sound fiscal footing for the city. 

Residents First

In my most simple vision, I want all residents to see a government that is working for the people by the people. Not one that is raising taxes and doing nothing to thwart population loss. 

The Future

The city must be on a sustainable plan for the future. Balancing a budget for one year does not guarantee the same for future years. This may allow us to remain susceptible to financial crisis. We should look to adopt a master plan that covers the entire city that protects our aging population and our youth just starting out. 

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