About Me

My background

My Name is Zachary S. Niemiec, a life long resident of North Tonawanda. I'm proud to currently serve as a Trustee to the Board of Education. 

I have worked in our classrooms as a substitute teacher, serve as an adviser to the Academy of Business & Finance, as well as working in the private sector fields of international business, marketing and administration. 

I'm forever dedicated to the betterment of our city. In business, you have to have creativity and innovation, and that is what I strive to bring to the school board, as well as other aspects of our community.

Quick Thoughts

It is my belief that we can all stand to learn from change. Residents of North Tonawanda want to see growth and reasonable change, not just tax increases and cuts, with nothing to show for. 

I believe in providing more services helping those just starting out and those enjoying retirement. I'm fighting for a fair budget for our community as well as seeking development and growth.